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iMagic Inventory Software

Quick specs

Version: 5.30
Downloads: 326
Updated: 5/3/2018
Added: 11/3/2011
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Successfully managing business inventory is a complicated, time-consuming yet a crucial process. iMagic now makes this easy with their inventory control software designed specifically for the purpose. Get instant access to your customer details and the state of your stock any time you want. Keep tab, replenish when required, and remain efficient without spending hours on the job. Now you can concentrate more on other core functionalities of your organization. iMagic Inventory Software makes inventory management and related reporting work like a breeze. Everything is automated for ACCURACY, PRODUCTIVITY, and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. There is a lot you can do with this inventory software right from invoice creation, stock updates, customer database build-up, and tracking of stock for selling or reordering. What's more? The software is password protected to keep away unwanted intrusions while allowing multiple users to access the data anytime they want. From accurate tracking and reporting iMagic brings a great help at hand for businesses everywhere making management a hassle-free and cost effective process. You do not need to rely on qualified staff to help you with the inventory, the software does it all. Great features for efficient management: * Interactive features for maximum benefits * Business centric automated features * Timely reorder and reporting * Support for barcode readers * And lots more Inventory management software from iMagic takes the pain away from keeping abreast of your company stock at all times. It not only meets the current needs but also anticipates the future requirement with complete accuracy.
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