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iMagic Hotel Reservation

Quick specs

Version: 6.10
Downloads: 268
Updated: 11/13/2018
Added: 7/14/2011
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

iMagic Hotel Reservation has many features which make the running of your day to day hotel reservation stress-free. Some include: Accuracy: The use of record books can easily create rooms for mistakes if you rely on them. But with this software, a click on your preferred button, be it available rooms, taken room, customer info etc, will show you details about that particular task. You will be able to get full and accurate details about instant information on room availability or even on the day's menu. User- friendly: iMagic hotel software is so easy to use. It has a simple to use interface created to make moving your selected data which you can make use in other of your tasks. Centralized control: with iMagic Hotel software, you are provided with centralized control. All of the different hotel software modules can be controlled by the hotel manager or administrator, making it much easier to control all of the different aspects of everyday hotel management. The activities going on in every department of the hotel can be monitored or modified. Easy Web Bookings online: iMagic Hotel Reservation software can also make the process of booking a room far more convenient for guests. They can check which rooms are available online and then make their own reservation. The software provides guests with the ability to choose a room with the features that they require. It also enables international guests to make a reservation from their own country, without having to incur the costs of an international phone call. Track customers and avoid double bookings: iMagic Hotel Reservation software stores data about customers, reservations, invoices and transactions and avoids double bookings. It makes keeping records and accounts, and producing reports, much easier. iMagic Hotel Reservation software can be used to generate invoices, monitor customer accounts or produce reports detailing the financial information that is needed for the hotel accounts.
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