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iMagic Hotel Reservation

Quick specs

Version: 6.5
Downloads: 214
Updated: 8/21/2017
Added: 7/14/2011
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Managing a hotel has never been easier. Now you don't need to worry about piling paperwork or maintaining those mammoth customer registers because iMagic Hotel Reservation software does it all for you. Now you can leave it all to your new efficient partner and focus on running the business without the burden of maintaining the nitty-gritty gnawing at your inside. Some of this software's charms include keeping an eye on customer preferences and mapping out the trends to help you build long lasting customer relationships. It not only maintains error-free bookings but also calculating the total bills including additional charges or purchases. This software creates ease not only for the owner but for the customers too by providing them the facility of online booking. With all its remarkable features this software comes at a very reasonable price and has a user-friendly interface. So now you can enjoy all the ease and comforts iMagic brings without having to worry about expensive installations and tricky configurations.
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