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The Sword 3D Screensaver

Quick specs

Version: 1.0.4
Downloads: 102
Updated: 5/31/2016
Added: 12/9/2009
License: Shareware
Download (4 MB)

Publisher's description

A very powerful animated 3D screensaver with a lot of spirit! It's not only the sheer beauty of the ravishing scenery but also the awe-inspiring theme and aura it creates that make you want to have it on your desktop. The centerpiece is the legendary sword of honor tempered in the fire of many glorious battles. The fate of its owner, a mighty noble warrior, whom it helped to defeat many evil foes, is, alas, unknown. At nighttime you see glimpses of the great battles this valorous sword still remembers. Will you become the new owner of this legendary weapon forged for a real hero?
Key words: 3D, Screensaver, Screen Saver, Sword of Honor,