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TL Dual Monitor

Quick specs

Version: 4.0
Downloads: 24
Updated: 1/1/2018
Added: 2/12/2017
License: Commercial
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Publisher's description

Your visual presentation of documents, catalogues, plans is unique. But, the best of this is that you can show all this in a uniquely simple way. TL Dual Monitor software can show the contents of all or a part of the desktop, scrolling text, an individual window, a graphic from the clipboard, RTF text, images and much, much more to a second monitor. As a second monitor you can use a projector, a TV or any other display with the option of connection to a computer. It is very useful in offices, at counters, points of sale or in other places where you are required to make a presentation from your computer. The software is a completely new derivative based on Digola TwinLook software. TL DualMonitor is a simple tool that can be used by both experts and novices. Note: This version of TL Dual Monitor is free for personal use only. The first month of use is intended for testing and is free without any limitations. After 30 days testing period is free only for non-commercial use To use it in a commercial environment you must purchase a commercial version. Price for commercial use after 30 days testing period . . . $19,95 plus tax/VAT
Key words: dual monitor, dual screen, monitor, scroll text, clipboard, capture image,