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Meditation Screensaver

Quick specs

Version: 5.5
Downloads: 94
Updated: 5/12/2016
Added: 5/12/2016
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Animated abstract screensaver shows beautiful abstract images. Meditation screensaver is a screensaver for meditation and relaxation. The huge quantity of surprising images is created on a desktop of your computer. This cool screensaver displays abstract birds and flowers bewitching abstract images. All this alternates and mixes up, appears and disappears, images that are smoothly replaced by others. This creates an improbable kaleidoscope of abstract images and mystical forms. Contemplation abstract images calms and distracts from momentary problems, promotes a meditation and relaxation in rest time. This screensaver has abstract images creator, these images are kept as bmp files for further use as desktop wallpaper and background images. Meditation screensaver it is accessible for free download.
Key words: screensaver, meditation, animated, flowers, kaleidoscope, abstract,