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Icons8 Lunacy

Quick specs

Version: 3.10
Downloads: 44
Updated: 9/17/2018
Added: 3/29/2017
License: Freeware
Download (14 MB)

Publisher's description

Icons8 Lunacy is a native Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files. It helps design teams working on different operating systems and improves the transition from design to development. Lunacy works offline. Features: - Reading any .sketch files of all versions (13 months of testing!) - Automatically downloaded missing Google Fonts - Publishing assets directly to a CDN - Saving .sketch files (alpha) - Inspecting .sketch elements - Showing margins and distances between elements - Organizing Pages and Artboards in your document - Basic typography tool available - Drawing, joining, and aligning vector objects - Exporting assets in PNG and SVG - Exporting CSS and XAML code
Key words: Sketch editor, Windows, sketch files, free,