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Find Profile Folder in Thunderbird

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Version: 1.0
Downloads: 87
Updated: 9/25/2012
Added: 9/25/2012
License: Shareware
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How to Find Profile Folder in Thunderbird? To solve this query you can download Thunderbird Store Finder which is a noteworthy utility that provides step wise step information for Thunderbird users who working with this finder tool. This software has instructive steps and easy option which gives orderly approach in find find thunderbird mailbox. First of all user can choose Machine and give a permit or domain location and start finding process to find thunderbird profile or find Thunderbird email files. Software has easy to use interface that doesn’t allow Thunderbird user any extra technical knowledge. Using this finder user can handle many email profiles easily and efficiently. Thunderbird store finder easily find Thunderbird from one system to another or many system which is connected in same location. Software easily search and find email location and doesn’t matter they configured or not. Trial version of Thunderbird Store Finder provide a preview with details list that helps Thunderbird users to determined which user profile created under Thunderbird stored data in the exacting data files. For saving listed Thunderbird mailbox user have to buy full function version of Thunderbird Store Finder. Software successfully run on any of Windows Operating System. For addition information visit at:
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