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Email Address Extractor for Yahoo

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Updated: 10/13/2017
Added: 8/30/2016
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Email Address Extractor for Yahoo is an incredible tool designed to harvest email ids from the Yahoo account in bulk. This software is a quick finisher & accomplishes the task without wasting a single minute of the user. It has the efficiency to fetch email ids in bulk from different Yahoo accounts one by one. This Yahoo email extractor has the ability to harvest ids from the folders of Gmail. Users can select either all the folders or can select individually like inbox, outbox, sent, etc. To get email addresses. Even email ids can be harvested from fields like To, From, CC, BCC, etc. There is also an option of removing duplicate ids from the list of harvested email ids. You have to just apply the given option & all the duplicate ids will be removed automatically. With this, you save huge time & effort of yours. After the email addresses are harvested they can be saved too. The list of extracted ids can be saved in both Excel as .CSV &.TXT formats whichever user likes. This Yahoo account email extractor is very user-friendly & does the task in the allotted time. The swiftness and preciseness make it the best email extractor tool for this particular job. Key points for Email Address Extractor for Yahoo:- 1) This software can extract email ids from Yahoo account in bulk. 2) Users can give more than one account individually to harvest email ids. 3) The tool can fetch email ids from folders like inbox, outbox, etc. 4) It can get email ids from fields like CC, BCC, To, From, etc. 5) The extracted list of ids can be saved either in .CSV or .TXT file. 6) The structure of this tool is made in a way that non-technical clients can also use it. 7) It is the best tool to extract email ids from a yahoo account.
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