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Cheewoo Surface CAM

Quick specs

Version: 2.0.1005.1004
Downloads: 46
Updated: 9/9/2017
Added: 7/24/2017
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Generating NC code of the probe/tool path covering the free shape surface for 5-Axis CNC inspector/machine. Contains advanced points-to-surface automatic 3D free surface generator. Reading sampled reference point data file and automatically generating 3D free surface by using advanced algorithms which user able to select for best result. Generating probe/tool moving path which keep offset distance and moving directions as defined by user on the 3D surface. Probe/tool direction always keeps normal position to 3D fee surface during movement. Contains section view feature to check whether derived 3D surface is acceptable or not for user's requirement. Requires Windows 2000 or above, RAM512 MB,10MB HDD or above.
Key words: Generate NC, 5 Axis CNC, Generate Surface, Make Path, Point to Surface, Inspection Machine, CNC Machine,