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CE Compiler

Quick specs

Version: 1.0
Downloads: 181
Updated: 11/4/2014
Added: 11/4/2014
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

CE Compiler is a tool to configure and run Google's Closure Compiler/Stylesheet, HTML Compressor and Yahoo's YUI Compressor for Javascript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). It provides a user interface that makes it easy to configure and run the above java JAR programs. It also enables you to select and compile/compress multiple files in a directory. Why Use CE Compiler? Many programmers, despite knowing the immense benefits of code compilation/minification, ignore it because the use of manual command-line interface can be time consuming, distressing for the fact that typographical errors often occur, and, in fact, can make you sick. CE Compiler makes your code compilation a fun with its easy to use yet powerful environment which provides a clear and efficient user interface for your code compilation. Additionally, it brings together, the major script compilers/minifiers, thereby, drastically reducing the stress of having to search, download, learn and probably die of headache using the command-line interface. CE Compiler also has within it, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which is required by the java compiler programs. That means you do not need to download and install java in order to use CE Compiler. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for you to ignore code compilation/minification which helps to enhance your web projects.
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