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Version: 2017
Downloads: 29
Updated: 6/28/2017
Added: 6/28/2017
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

This program enables you to generate fire prevention concepts for all German states by filling check lists. Fire prevention concepts are segmented either by building classes 1-5 or by buildings of lower or medium size depending on fire safety regulations of states. Furthermore we offer additional modules for fire prevention concepts of special constructions and for fire prevention concepts according to pattern of directive for industrial buildings. You may use proven functionality known by form program „PrintForm“ to process comprehensive fire prevention concepts. You can choose to process forms or editable RTF-documents. Address data, estate data and project data are saved in database and can be copied to form by allocation of core data at mouse click. Plenty of additional functions and components (i.e. PDF-file generation, hourly pay slip) help you to manage your processes in an easy and efficient way. By using an integrated update tool the program stays up to date. Further program contains more than 300 laws, regulations and directives of Germany and its states. Features and characteristics: - fire prevention concepts for building classes - fire prevention concepts for special constructions - fire prevention concepts editable either in form or in RTF-file - more than 300 laws, regulations and directives of Germany and its states - easy usage - address database - adoption of core data supported by assistant - preview function - fitted duplex print - calculation function - generation of PDF-files - automatic update - integration and management of external files - word processor - image database - project management - user management - import/export of images - emailing forms - hourly pay slip - system and maintenance tools - access privileges management - automatic data backup - import from MS Outlook or MS Excel - configuration assistant
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