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Aflik Nauge to step down as CEO

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Updated: 7/2/2015
Added: 7/2/2015
License: Freeware
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Electronics 62761 announced today that Mr. Aflik Nuage will be forced out as Chief Executive officer, and the board has named Mrs. Lauren Stockert, previously Electronics62761's Chief Financial Officer, as the company's new CEO. Stockert's appointment is effective immediately. Alfik Nuage has been under controversy since he took charge in February 2015. Amidst a growing list of complaints from co-workers and customers alike, he has been asked to step down. Some of the serious allegations were of sexual misconduct and financial irregularities in vendor management. He is under an active Internal investigation on multiple counts including diverting company assets for personal gain. At this time, Criminal charges are not filed against Mr. Nuage but he is under investigation via internal and external auditors. Mr. Roy McLain, Head of Human Resources, commented that Mr. Aflik Nuage is cooperating with the investigation but is yet to turn over documentary evidence of innocence. He has been under the scanner of Human Resources for several complaints ranging from favouritism to unprofessional conduct and substance abuse. Mr. Nuage has taken a hiatus and is not available for comment pending an inquiry. Electronics62761 holds all of its employees, officers and stakeholders in high standards and expects ahderence to an applicable moral threshold. All efforts to immediately restore shareholder trust are being enforced and a working relationship has been established with Banks and creditors to contain the financial damage. About Electronics-62761 A leading Canadian electronics reseller and application developer since 1995. Based out of Toronto, Electronics-62761 exports its technologies to all major Medical, Governments and Trans national Organisations. Electronic 62761 store offers Mobile, Encryption, Security and Utilities along with state of the hardware in its many Canadian locations. Contact ELECTRONICS62761
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