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Vertical Market Apps

Autoidea PowerDrive for Apparel Retailers
Autoidea PowerDrive for Apparel Retailers is designed specifically for apparel retailers.It covers Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, Receivable, Payable and Payroll.
Downloads: 82 Updated: 9/3/2015
License: Shareware Added: 1/4/2013

Autoidea PowerDrive
Autoidea PowerDrive for Mobile Phone Retailers & Repairers is designed specifically for mobile phone retailers & repairers.It covers Sales for either outright sales or contract sales, Repairs, Inventory, Purchasing, Receivable, Payable and Payroll.
Downloads: 57 Updated: 9/2/2015
License: Shareware Added: 11/15/2012

Loadcalc 2014 Panel Schedule
Panel schedule and feeder load calculations for commercial occupancies and dwellings. It also prints panelboard directories in two sizes (4x6 inch and 6x8 inch) for inside the panelboard doors or covers.
Downloads: 93 Updated: 8/11/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/6/2015

Electrc 2014 NEC Calculator
Electrc 2014 performs many electrical contracting and engineering calculations in complete conformance with the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC). It produces detailed professional printouts as well as on-screen details. Many NEC parameters.
Downloads: 54 Updated: 8/10/2015
License: Demo Added: 8/10/2015

RealtyJuggler Real Estate Flyers
Real Estate Flyers for REALTORS and other real estate professionals. Create professional realtor flyers in just a few minutes. Just fill in the blanks and you are done. Visit company web site for a 90-day trial.
Downloads: 152 Updated: 6/25/2015
License: Shareware Added: 5/22/2012

RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software
Real Estate Software for REALTORS and other real estate professionals. Effortlessly track closings, listings, buyers, sellers, prospects, lockboxes and more. 30-day FREE trial.
Downloads: 194 Updated: 6/23/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/15/2011

Plumber Lead Generation
Downloads: 96 Updated: 5/25/2015
License: Freeware Added: 5/25/2015

The Senior Care Partner
The Senior Care Partner is a complete adult daycare management system characterized by its simple, easy to use, yet complete design.
Downloads: 73 Updated: 3/9/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/8/2015

HIPAA File Editor
HIPAA File Editor for HIPAA 837 P, 837 I, 837 D, 835, 834 270/271 276/277 278 820 997 allows user to edit HIPAA file in a hierarchical display instead of a raw text file. It allows user to edit individual data element value in all data segments.
Downloads: 124 Updated: 3/8/2015
License: Shareware Added: 2/7/2015

Oriador Staff Rota
Oriador Rota is a staff scheduling and rostering package. Oriador Rota will help you produce and distribute your employee shift schedule, whether your requirements are simple or complex.
Downloads: 84 Updated: 3/7/2015
License: Shareware Added: 2/6/2015

The Pre-School Partner
The Pre-School Partner, has been specifically designed for the daily administration of day care and pre-school centers. Registration, Billing, Receivables, Log In, Scheduler, Labels and USDA Meal Reimbursement modules comprise the system.
Downloads: 96 Updated: 3/7/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/6/2015

NoticeWare Reporter
NoticeWare Reporter is simply the easiest to use, Home Inspection software for reporting by the professional Home Inspector. Designed to create high quality Home Inspection reports quickly and efficiently, without a steep learning curve.
Downloads: 132 Updated: 3/7/2015
License: Shareware Added: 7/30/2011

Recipe Manager Pro
Tool for creating and managing formulations. Specify ingredients, processes, costs, safety information, and tests. Supports the development and maintenance of batching recipe. Create manufacturing orders and generate batch sheets. Record actuals.
Downloads: 117 Updated: 3/6/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/7/2015

The Sports and Summer Camp Partner
The Sports and Summer Camp Partner, has been specifically designed for the daily administration of sports and summer camps. Amongst available functions are child and family registration, billing, receivables, log in/log out, scheduler, and labels.
Downloads: 78 Updated: 2/12/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/8/2015

eZee iFeedback - Online Feedback System
eZee iFeedback is a Digital Feedback System for Hoteliers and Restaurants to build stronger customer community. Features: 1.Customizable Surveys, 2.Comment Section, 3.Reports & Analytics, 4.Multilingual Feedback, 5.Instant Alert by Email & SMS
Downloads: 92 Updated: 2/6/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/6/2015

Property Management Software
Property management software resources from is used by Property Management Companies, Property Managers, and Landlords. Rental property management software focused for property managment Companies, property managers, landlords
Downloads: 77 Updated: 2/6/2015
License: Freeware Added: 12/5/2014

eZee Reservation - Online Booking Engine
eZee Reservation allows Hotels to get online booking from their own Websites. Take your property's reservation and occupancy rates to new levels with eZee Reservation - the fully automated online Hotel Reservation Software from eZee Technosys.
Downloads: 47 Updated: 1/30/2015
License: Demo Added: 1/30/2015

eZee iMenu - Digital Restaurant Menu
eZee iMenu offers complete package of features allowing restaurants to operate more efficiently and bring a new interactive experience for staff and customers. The features will allow restaurants to change menu according to the changing requirements.
Downloads: 62 Updated: 1/27/2015
License: Demo Added: 1/27/2015

eZee Burrp POS Restaurant Software
eZee Burrp! bar and restaurant software is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other operations. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes eZee Burrp! a great system.
Downloads: 21 Updated: 1/17/2015
License: Shareware Added: 1/17/2015

MyRouteOnline Excel Add-in Route Planner
MyRouteOnline is an easy to use route planning software that allows you to plan routes from Excel spreadsheet. Excel Add-in that uploads addresses and saves time, fuel and money by helping you map multiple locations and find the best route.
Downloads: 50 Updated: 12/23/2014
License: Freeware Added: 12/23/2014

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