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Online Virtual Girlfriend  Updated
With an Online Virtual Girlfriend, you can add some spark to your dull and boring desktop. It's a great feeling to have a cute womanfriend who would chitter chatter with you all day long without getting on your nerves.
Downloads: 220 Updated: 12/9/2018
License: Freeware Added: 10/14/2016

Virtual Girl Games  Updated
Virtual Girl Games HD is a desktop program featuring strippers, and it will warm you up with some erotic action on your screen. Tired of a drab desktop desktop? Having over 1000 girls, Virtual Girl Games will change your life.
Downloads: 166 Updated: 12/6/2018
License: Freeware Added: 2/15/2015

Artificial Girl 3  Updated
Artificial Girl 3 will make your day joyful and lovely with their seductive tactics. Bring home your own striptease club to enjoy for your eyes with the Artificial Girl 3.
Downloads: 93 Updated: 12/4/2018
License: Freeware Added: 8/28/2016

DesktopGirls  Updated
Desk babes (DesktopGirls) featured the most beautiful girls in the world caressing and having pleasure on PC desktops. Models are in incredible HD! Better yet, the entire program is totally free! Watch desktop ladys have fun on your desktop
Downloads: 388 Updated: 12/3/2018
License: Freeware Added: 5/9/2011

Soft Orbits Cleaner  Updated
Our SoftOrbits Cleaner program will help free up space in your memory, speed up your computer, and also remove trackers from the internet. The utility is designed to clear potentially unwanted or non-working files and temporary internet files created
Downloads: 19 Updated: 12/3/2018
License: Freeware Added: 10/23/2018

Tavia Virtual Girl DeskMate
Tavia Virtual Girl DeskMate is fun software that displays a hot lady in different sexy instances circling through your desktop. Tavia Virtual Girl reacts if you touch her or move her around the screen with your mouse
Downloads: 16 Updated: 12/1/2018
License: Freeware Added: 12/1/2018

Virtual Girls Online
Say farewell to drab desktops with the Virtual Girl Online app. Enjoy endless fun and games with this exclusive program presenting gorgeous ladys on your toolbar. Let them make your screen their stripper platform. Get your Virtual Girl On-line today!
Downloads: 260 Updated: 11/30/2018
License: Freeware Added: 6/2/2012

Jewell Virtual Girl DeskMate
Jewell Virtual Girl DeskMate is fun software that displays a hot girl in different sexy instances circling through your desktop. Jewell Virtual Girl reacts if you touch her or move her around the desktop with your mouse.
Downloads: 3 Updated: 11/29/2018
License: Freeware Added: 11/29/2018

Virtual Girls HD
Discover hot Virtual Girls HD that encircles through your desktop computer in different sexy instances. Unlike those regular desktop themes, virtual girls in high definition and high resolution photos.
Downloads: 323 Updated: 11/28/2018
License: Freeware Added: 11/24/2011

Virtual Girl Download
It's goodbye to boring desktops with the Virtual Girl Download. There's so much fun and games with this interactive appware where hot ladys turn PC screen into their stripper platform. Virtual Girl Download will enhance your screen to the fullest.
Downloads: 305 Updated: 11/27/2018
License: Freeware Added: 3/28/2012

Virtual Girl 3
The best way to make the most out of your free time is to have your personal computer become your entertainment hub. The Virtual Girl 3 app turns your boring screen into a super-entertaining device.
Downloads: 150 Updated: 11/26/2018
License: Freeware Added: 5/25/2015

Virtua HD Girls
Think stripclub, think Virtua HD Girls. Here is one screen app your screen can't do without. One simple free download will bring the hottest girls to your toolbar. These Virtua HD Girls can be programmed to strip and dance across your screen all day
Downloads: 241 Updated: 11/25/2018
License: Freeware Added: 5/27/2012

Virtua Girls Download
Watch good girls do bad things on your screen, whenever you want. Virtua Girls Download can be as raunchy or refined as you wish. Free version offers hot ladys performing sizzling stripper routines on the desktop, and a full monty display registered
Downloads: 303 Updated: 11/24/2018
License: Freeware Added: 5/26/2012

Virtua Girls
The Virtua Girls dance, strip, flirt, tease, and make your imagination run wild. These sexy girls will make you want to burst. Try the download for pleasure anytime you want. She want turn you down.
Downloads: 191 Updated: 11/23/2018
License: Freeware Added: 10/5/2013

HD Babes
HD babes is a unique application that allows you to have models doing stripteases on your computer. HD babes provides an option to select from a list gorgeous models the one you like and have a superb private time.
Downloads: 71 Updated: 11/23/2018
License: Freeware Added: 10/11/2016

Girlfriend Virtual
Many traits have been presented on your desktop by means of the Girlfriend Virtual download. There are many activities which you can see her doing like she will dance and strip and flirt on the Girlfriend Virtual at your desktop.
Downloads: 83 Updated: 11/22/2018
License: Freeware Added: 10/10/2016

Drag N Drop Notes
This is the program for creating quick notes. Besides the usual note-taking, the program can copy and store the text from other applications, such as web browsers, text editors, and IM communication programs such as MSN or ICQ.
Downloads: 396 Updated: 11/22/2018
License: Freeware Added: 9/17/2012

Virtual Male Strippers
Virtual Male Strippers is free appware showing male strippers on your computer desktop. Guys dancing and living right on your desktop. White and Latin exotic male strippers, from Spain to Portugal to Mexico, available for very special entertainment!
Downloads: 418 Updated: 11/21/2018
License: Freeware Added: 5/17/2011

Virtual Girl Gallery
There is definitely some sort of enjoyment you will feel while watching the wallpaper of the Virtual Girl Gallery when she looks at you smiling and dancing and pleasing you. You can find much more on Virtual Girl Gallery.
Downloads: 59 Updated: 11/20/2018
License: Freeware Added: 10/5/2016

Virtual Desktop Babes
Virtual Desktop Babes is a downloadable software. Virtual Desktop Babes comes with lots of enticing girl strippers who can do anything on your screen. They will dance, strip and flirt with you, forcing you to be glued to the screen.
Downloads: 177 Updated: 11/19/2018
License: Freeware Added: 5/3/2014