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Music Composers

MagicScore School
MagicScore School 7 is specialized notation software for music aficionados, students, teachers, schools and colleges. The program offers people interested in music a variety of notation options - input, editing, printing, correctness check etc.
Downloads: 338 Updated: 12/4/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/3/2007

MagicScore Guitar
MagicScore Guitar is a perfect tool for any guitar player or band. Offering easy composing, transcribing and notation features, this guitar tab software is made for guitar professionals, music teachers and enthusiasts learning how to play guitar.
Downloads: 180 Updated: 12/4/2015
License: Shareware Added: 11/12/2014

MagicScore Maestro
MagicScore Maestro is a perfect tool for any musician. Offering features for easy composing, aranging and notation, this software is developed for both professional musicians and amateurs.
Downloads: 119 Updated: 11/27/2015
License: Shareware Added: 9/26/2014

Portable RMCA Pro
Portable RMCA Pro is auto-accompaniment software which offers all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard. Take RMCA Pro with you on your USB Stick or any other portable media; runs from stick. Installs itself in one directory tree.
Downloads: 139 Updated: 6/14/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/14/2015

RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro
RMCA Pro is an auto-accompaniment software which offers all major features of a high quality MIDI keyboard. Runs from USB stick. Installs itself only in one directory tree.
Downloads: 162 Updated: 6/13/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/13/2015

TempoPerfect Computer Metronome Free
TempoPerfect is a free software metronome. Unlike mechanical metronomes, our software metronome provides a clear and precise beat that won't wind down, making it an essential tool for any musician.
Downloads: 106 Updated: 6/5/2015
License: Freeware Added: 6/5/2015

Q9 Oldvox
Q9 Oldvox is analogue synth with powerful configuration. Contains an automatic mode detune. Two separate oscillator and filter and LFO.
Downloads: 212 Updated: 3/12/2015
License: Freeware Added: 10/3/2012

Polyvoks Station
Polyvoks Station is created on base of the legend soviet synthesizer Polivoks. Polivoks is the portable electronic musical synthesizer which is designed for playing different musical compositions of any genre.
Downloads: 208 Updated: 3/12/2015
License: Freeware Added: 10/11/2012

Lizard Morph
Lizard Morph is detune and morph effect designed to deliver the powerful, penetrating sounds favoured by trance musicians. It's ideal for use in trance, dance, techno, dubstep, electronica, drum n bass, big beat, dub, reggae and all other styles.
Downloads: 185 Updated: 3/12/2015
License: Freeware Added: 10/1/2012

Intelliscore Ensemble
IntelliScore Ensemble is a MP3 to MIDI, audio to MIDI, WAV to MIDI converter for music transcription, music notation, live performance, making a multi-track score, and finding chord names from multi-instrument CD, WMA, AAC, and AIFF audio files.
Downloads: 105 Updated: 3/7/2015
License: Shareware Added: 2/7/2015

RealTime Composer
RealTime Composer is a very simple program of making your own 'soundspaces'. Fill your sound 'palette' with musical fragments and sound loops. Put 'palette' sounds into the sound space cells.
Downloads: 173 Updated: 3/6/2015
License: Freeware Added: 6/13/2013

Best Money Making System
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Downloads: 145 Updated: 2/11/2015
License: Freeware Added: 12/11/2014

Soft4Boost Audio Mixer
Soft4Boost Audio Mixer is a compact and simple loop-based music mix, composition and production tool for original music mix creation.
Downloads: 139 Updated: 2/5/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/6/2014

Latest DJ ProDecks
easy and fast program
Downloads: 79 Updated: 1/26/2015
License: Freeware Added: 11/18/2014

Guitar Tuner Software
This software offers a solution to users who want to tune instruments via the computer microphone. This software will listen and report the the frequency as you strum and tune your guitar.
Downloads: 45 Updated: 1/8/2015
License: Shareware Added: 1/8/2015

Kodak Video Converter for Mac installer
Kodak Video Converter for Mac is the best Kodak mov conversion tool on mac for all Kodak cameras including Kodak zi8, Kodak Playsport, Kodak Easyshare, Kodak zi6, Kodak Zx1, Kodak Zx3 etc, It has the ability to convert Kodak video from Kodak cameras.
Downloads: 45 Updated: 1/4/2015
License: Freeware Added: 10/19/2014

DJ Music Mixer
Full-featured DJ and beat mixing system which lets you groove to your own style of DJ music. Professional independent decks, beat-sync display, pitch controls, fast-seek, cue, cross fader, and dozens of sampler decks are among its functionality.
Downloads: 321 Updated: 12/27/2014
License: Shareware Added: 6/2/2007

Latest Pocket DVD Studio installer
Watch Video, DVD movies on Pocket PC, Palm, Smartphone, Portable Media Center. The software records DVD movies and video files into high quality portable format. 300% faster speed than any other products with better video quality! FREE to download.
Downloads: 57 Updated: 11/23/2014
License: Freeware Added: 11/23/2014

Latest Jolix MP3 Recorder
Jolix MP3 Recorder is an all-embracing audio application that packs in lots of smart features, a built-in, easy to use text-to-speech converter and media player. The app records sounds from any source and supports MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF files.
Downloads: 48 Updated: 11/18/2014
License: Freeware Added: 11/18/2014

Learn or improve the sight reading of the notes, in any notations, on the Viola, using this app just a few minutes each day. The app has 2 modes: 1. Notes Explorer 2. Notes Trainer
Downloads: 42 Updated: 10/26/2014
License: Shareware Added: 10/26/2014