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Math & Scientific Tools

Find best Spectral Estimation Method for a Power Spectral Density plot. A menu of 10+ spectral estimators from Steve Kay's textbook 'Modern Spectral Estimation' 1988 is available to choose from. Some estimator results differ dramatically!
Downloads: 219 Updated: 6/18/2015
License: Freeware Added: 8/29/2013

SRS1 Cubic Spline for Excel
This is free software that adds several spline and linear interpolation functions to Microsoft Excel. It is simple to use because the new functions work just like all built-in Excel functions.
Downloads: 163 Updated: 5/14/2015
License: Freeware Added: 9/21/2011

Trades Math Calculator
Solve common machine shop and other trades math problems such as trigonometry, speeds and feeds, bolt circles, and much more. Trades Math Calculator is quick and easy to use. Get your free demo now.
Downloads: 176 Updated: 5/12/2015
License: Demo Added: 7/29/2014

Regression Analysis and Forecasting
The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a reliable identification of value drivers and forecasting business plan data. Advanced statistical tests performed include significance, autocorrelation and multicollinearity.
Downloads: 595 Updated: 4/28/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/3/2007

calculate the cost of electronic medical records install and maintenance
Downloads: 111 Updated: 3/8/2015
License: Freeware Added: 2/6/2015

Cross Section Analysis & Design
Cross Section Analysis & Design performs all calculation tasks for generic cross sections of any material. Moreover, the program can perform reinforcement design as per AASHTO, UBC, AS 3600, IS 456, ACI 318, BS 8110, CSA A233, EC2, NZS 3101 and CP65.
Downloads: 316 Updated: 3/8/2015
License: Demo Added: 6/27/2012

Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition
Engineering Power Tools Plus Edition solves a wide variety of common engineering problems quickly & easily. Over 150 programs & data tables integrated into one package. Categories include Math, HVAC, Mechanical, Electrical, Materials & Structural.
Downloads: 189 Updated: 3/7/2015
License: Shareware Added: 3/2/2013

XLSTAT is a complete data analysis and statistics add-in for MS Excel. It includes regression (linear, logistic, nonlinear), multivariate data analysis, parametric tests, non parametric tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, forecasting methods.
Downloads: 78 Updated: 3/6/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/6/2015

NeuroSolutions (32-bit)
NeuroSolutions is a highly graphical neural network development tool for Windows. It is a virtually unconstrained environment for designing neural networks for research or to solve real-world problems.
Downloads: 55 Updated: 3/6/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/6/2015

185Graph is a 1.85 graph based fire sprinkler hydraulic calculation software program that is designed to graphically display sprinkler demand vs. water supply.
Downloads: 264 Updated: 3/2/2015
License: Shareware Added: 5/30/2007

FasteR Desktop is a combination of GUI and IDE for R statistical language. FasteR Desktop is stand-alone independent application for R. This application allows you to use mutliple tools and features for produsing R code.
Downloads: 76 Updated: 2/22/2015
License: Shareware Added: 2/22/2015

Free Number Generator
Create lists of random numbers from a selection of options.
Downloads: 112 Updated: 2/13/2015
License: Freeware Added: 2/8/2015

Measure pictures
Measure the length and area of things on a picture, e.g. a scanned plan. First you can specify the scale. For that you can enter the length of a known stretch. Now you can measure the length of a stretch or an area.
Downloads: 63 Updated: 2/13/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/7/2015

FindGraph is a graphing, curve-fitting, and digitizing tool for engineers, scientists and business. Discover the model that best describes your data.
Downloads: 279 Updated: 2/13/2015
License: Shareware Added: 6/2/2007

Bersoft Sampling Analyzer
This software is intended for simulating and analyzing samplings from experimental data, using both infinite and finite populations; supports basic statistics, frequency and graphics for both the population and simulated samples data.
Downloads: 93 Updated: 2/12/2015
License: Shareware Added: 2/8/2015

NumXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in for econometrics and financial time series analysis, designed to make financial modeling and time series easier to manage. NumXL allows you to easily make forecasts, back-track and analyze them.
Downloads: 66 Updated: 2/12/2015
License: Shareware Added: 2/6/2015

TSP Solver and Generator
TSP Solver and Generator is intended to generate and solve Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) tasks. It uses Branch and Bound method for solving. TSPSG may be useful for teachers to generate test tasks or just for regular users to solve TSPs.
Downloads: 68 Updated: 2/11/2015
License: Freeware Added: 2/6/2015

WindRose PRO
A software for analysing and plotting directional data. Load data in many formats, create statistics, plot wind roses and other charts, save tham in many raster formats and export as KML, SHP and DXF.
Downloads: 32 Updated: 2/7/2015
License: Demo Added: 2/7/2015

NeuroXL Clusterizer
NeuroXL Clusterizer is a neural network data cluster analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Clusterizer can be applied to solve problems in numerous industries and disciplines, including finance, business, medicine, and research science.
Downloads: 180 Updated: 2/6/2015
License: Shareware Added: 8/1/2012

NeuroXL Package
NeuroXL Package is a neural network toolkit for Microsoft Excel. NeuroXL Predictor is designed for forecasting and estimating numeric amounts such as sales, prices, etc. NeuroXL Clusterizer is designed for clustering data in Excel.
Downloads: 188 Updated: 2/6/2015
License: Shareware Added: 8/2/2012