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Investment Tools

DownloaderXL Pro
DownloaderXL Pro is an add-in for MS Excel 2010 or higher, designed to help you download securities' price data from various free data sources directly into your Excel workbook.
Downloads: 202 Updated: 2/6/2015
License: Shareware Added: 4/16/2012

Forex Strategy Builder Professional
Forex Strategy Builder Professional is a CFD, Indexes and Forex strategy back tester with a complete visual interface. It provides tools as a scanner, an optimizer and an automatic strategy generator. It includes one hundred technical indicators.
Downloads: 142 Updated: 11/14/2014
License: Shareware Added: 3/28/2014

StockwareLite is a free stock market technical analysis and portfolio management software. It has unique technical analysis and portfolio management tools to reliably predict and track market movements.
Downloads: 96 Updated: 11/7/2014
License: Freeware Added: 11/7/2014

Cortex7 allows you to chart and trade bitcoins on various popular bitcoin exchanges. The program features live 1 minute resolution charts with technical analysis. Subscribed users can trade with robots that never sleep.
Downloads: 113 Updated: 11/7/2014
License: Shareware Added: 9/9/2011

Stock Stalker
Stock Stalker is a FREE stock quote monitoring and tracking application with tons of features including; Streaming, real-time quotes. Compact and simple interface. Minimizes to a system tray icon. Over 40 columns of available data.
Downloads: 62 Updated: 9/11/2014
License: Freeware Added: 9/11/2014

IntelSearchXL is an add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010 designed to help you improve your performance in analysis and increase area of your research directly in your worksheets.
Downloads: 76 Updated: 9/2/2014
License: Shareware Added: 9/2/2014
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Downloads: 73 Updated: 8/1/2014
License: Freeware Added: 7/18/2014

Aurochs is a program for technical analysis.
Downloads: 62 Updated: 7/13/2014
License: Shareware Added: 7/13/2014

TraderStar2 is a program for technical analysis.
Downloads: 80 Updated: 7/10/2014
License: Freeware Added: 7/10/2014

TraderStar2 is a program for technical analysis.
Downloads: 70 Updated: 6/10/2014
License: Freeware Added: 6/8/2014

Theme Party Secrets Revealed
Ebook(r) On Putting Killer Design Parties. Design Party Ideas, Tips, Resources And Step-by-step Guide To Effective Party Planning.
Downloads: 75 Updated: 5/7/2014
License: Shareware Added: 5/7/2014

With several bonus offerings, Plus500 is a lucrative option. Despite a few odds, such as the absence of live chat facilities, Plus500's user-friendly interface and multi-asset trading capability makes it score high above its competitors.
Downloads: 68 Updated: 4/24/2014
License: Freeware Added: 4/24/2014

Forex Strategy Builder
Forex Strategy Builder is a freeware CFD, Indexes and Forex strategy back tester with a complete visual interface. It provides tools as a scanner, an optimizer and an automatic strategy generator. It includes one hundred technical indicators.
Downloads: 372 Updated: 4/14/2014
License: Freeware Added: 6/2/2007

Forex Strategy Trader
Forex Strategy Trader is a free trading platform working via Meta Trader. It can automatically send and execute trading orders based on a predefined strategy.The visual interface allows users to create their own strategies without any programming.
Downloads: 199 Updated: 3/27/2014
License: Freeware Added: 10/22/2009

Tuning Portfolio
The program has been created to support the decision processes in investment management. It will be useful not only for an investor, investment advisor or an asset manager, but also for anyone who intends to enter the world of investments.
Downloads: 57 Updated: 3/6/2014
License: Demo Added: 3/6/2014

TickInvest - Stock Charting and Technical Analysis
TickInvest is a stock charting and technical analysis software with realtime and eod charts. Features: Trade Simulator, Backtester, Backtest Optimizer, Stock Screener, Alerts, Custom Drawing Tools, Stock Quotes, Extensible Formula Language.
Downloads: 100 Updated: 2/28/2014
License: Shareware Added: 2/28/2014

YourSim is a simple financial risk decision tool, easy to use for those who are not mathematicians, statisticians or finance analysts. Despite making advanced methods available for the ordinary do-it-yourself entrepreneur, it is easy to learn.
Downloads: 83 Updated: 2/18/2014
License: Freeware Added: 3/14/2012

OenoCellar Free
OenoCellar helps wine collectors and investors manage their cellars with ease!
Downloads: 40 Updated: 2/15/2014
License: Freeware Added: 2/15/2014

Auto Binary Options Trading
Auto Binary Options Trading 100% Automated Trading Software for Binary Options. Binary Options Robot fully automated to trade automatically the Binary Options Online. Auto Trading software following trading signals and trading currencies market.
Downloads: 118 Updated: 2/13/2014
License: Shareware Added: 2/13/2014

MakeMoneyWeb is a software that lists all the most reliable methods to earn money on the internet. We search the web constantly to find you the secrets of easy money. All our methods are tested by our team before having been issued to you.
Downloads: 65 Updated: 1/8/2014
License: Freeware Added: 1/8/2014